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Premium Sticker Store Guide

This is a guide to help you start selling premium stickers through Stipop APIs and generate revenue. There are 5 steps to this guide. Read through and contact dev support if you need any help.

Step 1: Sign up on dashboard and create application

The very first step to start selling stickers on your app is to sign up on Stipop Dashboard and create application. After creating an application, you'll be given a unique API key with which you can start calling sticker APIs for free stickers. To activate premium stickers and sell premium stickers, please follow the next steps.

Step 2: View and accept license terms

Go to premium sticker settings in settings page and read through license terms under prerequisite #1. This terms has basic information about revenue share and license rights.

Step 3: Add billing information

After you've agreed to the license terms, add billing information in Settings > Billing section. There is no upfront fee to this. The billing information will be used when splitting revenue for sticker creators in the future.

Step 4: Proceed with selling premium stickers!

You can now start selling premium stickers by calling sticker APIs. Make sure to have transaction done on your end when users download stickers with pricing information. In case of free stickers, no revenue share will be made but for premium stickers, for every purchase there will be revenue share between you and the sticker creators.

Step 5: View data on the Dashboard

Lastly, you can go to analytics page on Dashboard and view sticker sales related data. Through analytics, you can see how sticker usage behaviours is related to some of your KPIs like user engagement and revenue.

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