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Hide/Recover My Sticker Pack

The Hide/Recover My Sticker Pack API allows for the user to hide or recover any sticker packages from the user’s my sticker list. This API can be used within the edit feature of my sticker list. In the case of free stickers ‘Hide’ feature can be used as a ‘Delete’ function, but for a purchased sticker the sticker can only be ‘Hidden’ from my stickers list and later be restored without any additional purchase.

Check the UI Kit to get more understanding of how this API can be used.

Request URL


Best Practices

  1. Check all the components that can be put into building this from our UI Kit. It will help you build the sticker feature much quicker and easier.
  2. For the userId parameter, please don't use identical userId for multiple users. This is thoroughly monitored and in case of any misuse, the API key can be blocked from usage. The userId can be in any string format.
  3. We recommend you using this along with My Sticker Packs API and Hidden Sticker Packs API to provide the best user experience to the users.


Request Headers
apikeystringStipop API Key for your app.
Visit developer dashboard for new API Key.
Request Path Parameters
userIdstringUnique value for every user to distinguish unique users.
The userId can be in any string format.
Important: Using same userId for multiple users is not allowed.
packIdstringThe [packId] of a sticker pack, NOT stickerId.
Example: 6363, 5636, 5859

Example Request

Sample Call: Hide/Recover My Pack
curl --location --request PUT ""  --header "apikey:xxxxxxxxx"

Success Response

Success Response code 200
  "header": {
      "code": "0000",
      "status": "success",
      "message": "success"
  "body": []

Error Response

non exist apikey9000The API key used does not exist
server error1000Unable to receive data from the server
We’re here to help. Contact us.