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Optimizing Sticker Search

The goal of this tutorial is to help you guide throught to building the perfect sticker search that's easy and quick to install. There are 5 steps to this guide. Read through and contact dev support if you need any help.

In this tutorial, you'll be using:

  1. Sticker Search API
  2. Trending Search Terms API / Recent Search API
  3. Register Sticker Send API

Step 1: Sign up on dashboard and get unique API key

In order to get a successful result on any API call you need to have a unique API key for your app. To get the API key, sign up on Stipop Dashboard and create application. Then click 'API Key' in Dashboard Home or go to Develop > API Keys menu on the Dashboard.

Step 2: Run a sample search call

First, test a sample call of the Sticker Search API. If you get a successful response, add the API to your app code and start adding designs to it.

Step 3: Add design to sticker search

Use the UI kit to get a head start on sticker search development. Currently a sketch file and zeplin project is shared and SDK for the UI kit will be updated soon.

Step 4: Add additional APIs

Advance sticker search by adding Trending Search Terms and Recent search. Once you've added these APIs, make sure to Register Sticker Send whenever a user sends sticker after searching stickers. It is very important you use this API.

Step 5: View data on the Dashboard

Lastly, you can go to analytics page on Dashboard and view sticker usage related data. Through analytics, you can see how sticker usage behaviours is related to some of your KPIs like user engagement and revenue.

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