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About Chat Sticker

Here's a quick walkthrough about chat stickers for those who are new to stickers. We've found that developers who are more familiar with stickers tend to take less time in developing sticker functionalities in their apps and services. Below are some real basics starting from the essential keywords related to stickers to how users use stickers on chat, all the way to how you can use the Dashboard to control sticker content after the integration.

Essential Keywords

Sticker PackAll stickers come in packs that consist of 15-24 stickers that have consistent theme and character to it.
Still/Animated StickerStill Stickers: PNG file format, static.
Animated Stickers: GIF file format, animated.
Seasonal StickerSome of the stickers have seasonal theme to it.
It includes New Year, Christman, and more.
Sticker ArtistStickers are created by sticker artists all around the world. They upload their stickers on Stipop Studio and after conent and metadata revision they are added to sticker APIs.
Chat/Camera/Profile StickerChat Sticker: Stickers and APIs that are built for any chat interface.
Camera/Video Sticker: Stickers and APIs that are built for any camera, video interfaces like video call and live streaming.
Profile Sticker: Stickers and APIs that are built for profile interfaces.

How users use stickers on chat

Sticker is the most used visual content in online communication, surpassing the number of times GIFs are sent by 16x. Here's the 2 most common ways of how stickers are used on chat.

1. Instant usage through sticker search

With the Sticker Search API, users can search stickers in 40+ languages and instatly send stickers on chat. The sticker search command is usually placed near the text input UI or keyboard of chat interface. The usage pattern of sticker search is similar to how GIFs and emojis are used. It's quick and effective.

2. In-depth usage through sticker download

Even though with the sticker search, instantaneous usage is possible, a lot of the users prefer to own stickers for quick and effective reuse. With the Trending Sticker Packs API and Download/Purchase API, users can view trending stickers from all region and download/purchase packs.

Using Stipop Dashboard

Stipop Dashboard provides a variety of essential features that help you build and facilitate sticker functionalities. Here is a quick guide to some of those features.

  • API Key: For every app you create on the dashboard, you get a unique API key which you can use to authenticate API calls.

  • Team Invitation: It's much easier to do it with your team. Invite designer, developer, product manager/owner to make quick decisions and access all features at once.

  • Analytics: After the API integration, see how users are using stickers and correlate how that's effecting your overall KPI such as user engagement and revenue.

  • UI Kit: You can get access to UI Kit through the dashboard. With multiple themes provided you can develop sticker functionalities without putting in any design resources.

  • Content Control: You might want to block certain type of stickers such as relgion or by rating. You can control all content through the sticker configuration page on the dashboard.

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