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Sticker Store UI Options

When integrating sticker APIs to your app, you have a choice of integrating it the simple, easy way or having a whole sticker store built into your app. To help you get started right away with the project we provide UI Kits which can be customized.

Stipop Stickers

Option A: Simple and quick integration

You can think of the option A as the sticker features provided on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger - simple but powerful. It will only take a few days for a junior developer to finish implementing option A. You can use multiple APIs but the main APIs will be Trending Sticker API, and My Stickers API. If you are short in time, try option A first, and then move on to developing the option B once you get more engagement from the users.

Option B: Fully featured sticker store

Where as the option A is a simple sticker list, option B is more like the App Store for stickers. You can show banners, curated contents, and so on. It does take a bit longer to do it, but it will definitely have much higher user engagement rate and revenue as well. If you are thinking of selling paid stickers, option B is a better choice for you.

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