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Register Sticker Send

Registering Sticker Send everytime a user sends a sticker on any chat interface is very important. This is so that you can provide optimal experience to users regarding sticker browse, search, download, and send.

Once integrated, you'll also be able to view sticker usage analytics on your Dashboard account.

Request URL


Best Practices

  1. Use the language and country parameters (strongly recommended) to provide user locale information for best use. Stipop automatically tunes the sticker results so that they match your users' language preferences, cultures, and local trends.
  2. If the sticker was searched before being sent, provide the search term (q). The search terms will help Stipop advance sticker search for users to have the perfect search experience.
  3. For the userId parameter, please don't use identical userId for multiple users. This is thoroughly monitored and in case of any misuse, the API key can be blocked from usage. The userId can be in any string format.
  4. Once you’ve set the API visit your Dashboard account and see sticker analytics reports. Other developers have seen valuable data that helped them understand user satisfaction of the product and increase revenue on the paid sticker store model.


Request Headers
apikeystringStipop API Key for your app.
Visit developer dashboard for new API Key.
Request Path Parameters
stickerIdintThe [stickerId] of a sticker that's being sent, NOT packId.
Example: 140502, 134960, 121856
Request Query Parameters
userIdstringUnique value for every user to distinguish unique users.
The userId can be in any string format.
Important: Using same userId for multiple users is not allowed.
Strongly RecommendedTypeDescription
qstringSearch tag that was used to find the sticker that's sent.
Condition: If the sticker was searched, not downloaded.
langstringSpecify default language for regional stickers.
Use a 2-letter ISO 639-1 language code.
Example: en
countryCodestringSpecify default country for local stickers.
Use a 2-letter ISO 3166-1 country code.
Example: US

Example Request

Sample Call: Register Sticker Send
curl --location --request POST "" --header "apikey:xxxxxxxxx"

Success Response

Success Response code 200
  "header": {
      "code": "0000",
      "status": "success",
      "message": "success"
  "body": []

Error Response

non exist apikey9000The API key used does not exist
server error1000Unable to receive data from the server
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